bits of inspiration – #81.

This month, students at the MIT Media Lab are debuting interactive temporary tattoos in partnership with Microsoft Research. The product is called DuoSkin and frankly, it’s incredible. The technology allows users the ability to interact with other smart devices in a handful of ways and can be programmed to change color when your body temp changes (like a much more sophisticated mood ring). I wont attempt to explain how the technology works but head over to their site or watch this video to learn more.


how common is your birthday?

Ever wondered how many people share your birthday? Andy Kriebel, the self-described “Tableau Zen Master”, recently combined data from the New York Times and  blogger, Matt Stiles, to create an interactive chart all about birthdays. The heat map below uses a color spectrum to illustrate just how common each birthday really is. While I was a little disappointed to know that my own birthday in July is not all that rare, I found this chart really interesting and a great example of data visualization. Hope you enjoy!


Most Common Birthdays

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bits of inspiration – #79.

Another New England real estate fantasy to share with you today. Built in 1940 and designed by Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius, this Bauhaus-style home is truly a piece of art history. Take a look at the listing here to see more photos (or schedule a showing if you’ve got $2.3M laying around). Sharing some of my favorite images from the listing below.

Photo courtesy of Estately

Photo courtesy of Estately

Photo courtesy of Estately

rooms with lucite furniture.

Lucite furniture seems to be having a moment. For a couple of years now I’ve noticed this modern material appearing all over design magazines and blogs. Though lucite furniture can be found in a variety of colors, it’s the clear glass-looking items that I’ve seen popping up in the portfolios of designers and stylists. In its transparent form, lucite reads as a neutral and can add a glamorous and modern feel to a space. Below, I’ve collected some of my favorite examples of lucite furniture from around the web. Enjoy!

design chic

Becki Owens

Driven by Decor


Katie Klime

Katie Klime

My Domain

One Kings Lane

Rue Magazine

style at home

Design by Ceres | instagram

The Everygirl


bits of inspiration – #77.

I came across the portfolio site of artist, Andres Amador this week after reading that he would be hosting a series of events in Boston over the weekend. Amador specializes in sand design and has travelled the world creating his special brand of environmental artwork. As is the case with his visit to Boston this week, Amador often invites the public to participate in his creation process. His exhibits have been captured in beautiful photography (they are inherently temporary) and I would encourage you to scroll through his portfolio site here: I’ve shared a couple of my personal favorites below:

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of