bits of inspiration – #82.

The world’s first art exhibit intended exclusively for dogs took place earlier this month in the UK. Artist and designer, Dominic Wilcox, curated and contributed pieces to World’s Art Exhibition for Dogs wich was on display at a London gallery from August 19-20. Despite its short run, the groundbreaking show has garnered significant press. Read more about the show here and scroll down for more images.

Contemporary art exhibition just for dogsphotography courtesy of Mikael Buck

photography courtesy of Mikael Buck

cape cod: house of shifting sands.

Boston Magazine recently published an article about an incredible piece of modern architecture on the outer cape. The article on the House of Shifting Sands doesn’t reveal the home’s exact location (though I’m very curious now) but the beach and dunes pictured are very reminiscent of some of the more secluded portions of the Truro and Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Wherever it is, the house is truly a wonder – both in design and engineering. The home, designed by the Ruhl Walker architecture firm, employs solar panels and a sophisticated heat exchanger to produce zero carbon footprint. Despite it’s modern appearance, the House of Shifting Sands was designed to feel like a part of its surrounding environment. Photos below are all courtesy of photographer Jane Messinger whose portfolio site includes other breathtaking homes. I’d encourage you to check those out if you like what you see here..

Photo courtesy of Jane Messinger

Photo courtesy of Jane Messinger

Photo courtesy of Jane Messinger

MESSINGER_wellfleet-interiors__MG_6261-Edit (1)
Photo courtesy of Jane Messinger

bits of inspiration – #81.

This month, students at the MIT Media Lab are debuting interactive temporary tattoos in partnership with Microsoft Research. The product is called DuoSkin and frankly, it’s incredible. The technology allows users the ability to interact with other smart devices in a handful of ways and can be programmed to change color when your body temp changes (like a much more sophisticated mood ring). I wont attempt to explain how the technology works but head over to their site or watch this video to learn more.


how common is your birthday?

Ever wondered how many people share your birthday? Andy Kriebel, the self-described “Tableau Zen Master”, recently combined data from the New York Times and  blogger, Matt Stiles, to create an interactive chart all about birthdays. The heat map below uses a color spectrum to illustrate just how common each birthday really is. While I was a little disappointed to know that my own birthday in July is not all that rare, I found this chart really interesting and a great example of data visualization. Hope you enjoy!


Most Common Birthdays

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bits of inspiration – #79.

Another New England real estate fantasy to share with you today. Built in 1940 and designed by Marcel Breuer and Walter Gropius, this Bauhaus-style home is truly a piece of art history. Take a look at the listing here to see more photos (or schedule a showing if you’ve got $2.3M laying around). Sharing some of my favorite images from the listing below.

Photo courtesy of Estately

Photo courtesy of Estately

Photo courtesy of Estately