bits of inspiration – #19.

Beautiful video of Boston at sunset, shot earlier this month by four Emerson College students. According to its description on Vimeo, the filmmakers had the doors of the helicopter removed to achieve the incredible clarity you see in the shots. Not sure I’d enjoy flying around in a helicopter without doors but the view does look incredible. Read more about the making of the video here.


Breathe || Above Boston 4k from Bushell Film on Vimeo.

from the 2016 webbys – 2 kinds of people.

2 Kinds of People was the 2016 People’s Voice winner for the weird / web category in this year’s Webby Awards. I came across the site for the first time today while browsing through this year’s list of winners and found myself drawn to these simple illustrations with their funny and direct observations about how people live and organize everyday things in their lives. Below are a few of my favorites. I encourage you to check out the site along with all the other Webby winners.


bits of inspiration – #14.

Snapped this photo yesterday morning on my way to the gym only because I was excited to see it finally getting bright out in the morning (around 6am). I didn’t realize at the time that yesterday was the official last day in the life of this installation art piece that’s been a presence in the city since September of last year. More information (and better photos) of the mural can be found on this Boston Magazine article. I’ll be sad to see it go.

Mural at 200 Clarendon Street, Boston. By French artist, JR