quick visit to london.

“Paris is a woman but London is an independent man puffing his pipe in a pub.”
― Jack Kerouac

Just got back from spending a few days in London and wanted to share some photos from a great trip. A good friend of mine has been living there for about 2 years and I finally made it over to visit her. I’ve travelled to London before and have had a lot of the typical touristy experiences – all of which are great. This time though I felt like I got a little more of the local experience by travelling with my friend and staying in her flat in St. John’s Wood. The one museum experience of the trip was an exhibit of Princess Diana’s most famous dresses at Kensington Palace and I’ll be sure to share photos from that exhibit in a later post. Here I’m sharing some photos I took as we explored the city over the past couple of days – including a couple from the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

Views from Sky Garden on an overcast day.

..and the equally impressive interior viewIMG_0003IMG_0004

Mourad Mazouz’s sketch is a truly remarkable restaurant experience. 

even the bathrooms are amazing.IMG_0019

Saturday night on Carnaby Street.

London’s Borough Market on Saturday morning. I would have taken more photos here because everything looked incredible but it was just too crowded to have my phone out all the time. Lot’s of delicious food and drinks here though and I definitely recommend visiting.

bits of inspiration – #1.

The current wave of January-esque weather around Boston has left me feeling a little irritable the past few days. It’s frustrating when something totally out of your control can have such a negative impact on your mood, especially when I know that I have plenty for which to be really grateful. In an effort to boost my own spirits and practice some mindfulness, I’m committing to posting one image per day (either my own or found) that inspires some joy for me. For now, I’m calling these bits of inspiration.


The first of these is a photo I took yesterday while leaving my apartment. I look up to take in this view everyday and there’s something about the relationship of these buildings and the reflection of the greater city-scape that I never get tired of seeing. Even on a chilly day in April Boston is beautiful!