bits of inspiration – #44.

I’ve lapsed a bit with my posting over the past week due to a busy work season and a move to a slightly new neighborhood (about a mile from where we were). Amidst all the frenzy that comes with moving I’ve been trying to make time to literally stop and smell the flowers and take in the beautiful neighborhood where we’ve landed. I’m lucky to once again find myself surrounded by some of the most beautiful homes and gardens in the city. It just so happens that one of my favorite flowers is in bloom at the moment. I couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos of these beautiful peonies as I was heading out this morning.

bits of inspiration – #1.

The current wave of January-esque weather around Boston has left me feeling a little irritable the past few days. It’s frustrating when something totally out of your control can have such a negative impact on your mood, especially when I know that I have plenty for which to be really grateful. In an effort to boost my own spirits and practice some mindfulness, I’m committing to posting one image per day (either my own or found) that inspires some joy for me. For now, I’m calling these bits of inspiration.


The first of these is a photo I took yesterday while leaving my apartment. I look up to take in this view everyday and there’s something about the relationship of these buildings and the reflection of the greater city-scape that I never get tired of seeing. Even on a chilly day in April Boston is beautiful!

south end flower boxes.

My mom is really good at gardening. Just about every time I visit my parents (which is really often) she has a new plant or two and they’re always thriving. It seems though, that a “green thumb” is not a genetic trait since I genuinely cannot keep a plant alive. I’ve made a habit of keeping cut flowers in my apartment because I really do love the energy they add to a space. Even though I no longer try to keep my own live flowers in my home, I am fortunate to live in a neighborhood full of beautiful urban gardens, maintained by those people who don’t kill everything they plant. Because we’re in the city, front lawns are few and far between but flower boxes are really really prevalent.

Over the past weekend I took advantage of what may have been one of the last really mild days and walked around my neighborhood documenting the flower boxes that I saw and liked. I am so envious of these people who are able to enjoy these beautiful little mini-gardens adorning their homes. To numb the pain I also stopped for snacks.

obligatory foliage pic to start the afternoon.image_1

now on to the flower boxes…image_9image_10image_12image_7


the flowers pictured below belong to Mike & Patty’s in the Bay Village. I stopped here for a sandwhich and you should too because it was amazing! pro tip: call ahead to order.


walking is exhausting so I also stopped here for a coffee and a macaron. both were great.image_16image_8image_13image_15