bits of inspiration – #81.

This month, students at the MIT Media Lab are debuting interactive temporary tattoos in partnership with Microsoft Research. The product is called DuoSkin and frankly, it’s incredible. The technology allows users the ability to interact with other smart devices in a handful of ways and can be programmed to change color when your body temp changes (like a much more sophisticated mood ring). I wont attempt to explain how the technology works but head over to their site or watch this video to learn more.


#techstyle at the MFA.

On Sunday I visited the Museum of Fine Arts for the opening of it’s newest contemporary exhibit, #techstyle. The exhibit explores technology’s influence on fashion design and was really remarkable to see. Several works were intended as performance art while others addressed the issue of waste and sustainability by utilizing repurposed materials. I was especially drawn to a number of pieces that had been created using 3-D printers.

The show runs through July 10 and I would highly recommend seeing it. Below are some photos I took during my visit. Enjoy!


Incertitudes shirt and shorts, Ying Gao

MFA Dress, CuteCircuit

Solar Dress, Pauline Van Dongen

Anthozoa Cape and Skirt, Iris van Herpen and Neri Oxman

Kinematics 8 dress, Jessica Rosenkrantz

Molecule shoes, Francis Bitoni

Wearable Drawings; leather jacket, Elvira ‘t Hart

Ensemble, Noa Raviv

Metallic Leather Fringe Dress, Giles Deacon

Engineered Reptile Print dress. Sally LaPointe

Wearable Art, Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture



decorating with portraiture.

I’ve always been drawn to images of people. For as long as I can remember, images that capture something truly human an intimate about an individual have always been infinitely more interesting to me than fruit on tables or anything else really. As a college senior, when it came to choosing a subject matter for my thesis show I naturally chose to paint a series of portraits depicting my closest friends and family. When portraits of any medium are present in a room, they have they effect of feeling like real presence in your home – they become characters that you live with. Below I’ve put together a few examples of decorating with portraiture from some of my favorite design inspiration sites. Enjoy!

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Architectural Digest

Bliss at Home



One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

bedroom refresh.

If you saw my previous post about cohabitation and you may have noticed that I didn’t include any photos of my bedroom in the sampling of images of our apartment. At the time the bedroom was still a work in progress and I didn’t want to share anything until I felt more satisfied with the way it looked. Since that post we’ve made some upgrades to our bedding and a couple décor items, which I think have elevated the feel of the room in a great way.

Part of the reason this room took a little longer than the rest is because it was a complete departure from the way I’ve approached decorating my bedroom in previous apartments. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Jared and I are living together for the first time in this apartment so the merging of personal styles has forced me to negotiate our shared space in ways I’ve not had to think about before. My personal tendency in terms of color palette has always leaned more toward cool tones, while Jared favors vibrant reds and oranges. To illustrate this, here is an image of my bedroom in a prior apartment where I lived with roommates.


When we moved in together I didn’t take my old bedding with me because it was several years old and beginning to show some wear. Initially we threw Jared’s existing bedding on the bed, without any frame or headboard, while we focused on unpacking and decorating other rooms.

“before” photo

When we finally got around to this room I knew that we would be hanging a very bright, mostly orange tapestry that Jared had bought on a vacation in Zanzibar years ago. Aside from the personal preference of my boyfriend, I didn’t think it would make sense to go with my typical cool blue/grey palette in this room when our most prominent piece of artwork didn’t really fit into that aesthetic.

we framed this ourselves with directions from this tutorial.

After a lot of pinterest-boarding and obsessive deal hunting I found a collection of red-orange bedding that I thought would work in our space. I had big plans to DIY my own headboard but before I got around to it a friend offered us a beautiful wooden bedframe that he and his wife no longer wanted. Here is the final result:


Duvet cover & shams – west elm
Embroidered throw pillow – One Kings Lane
Euro shams – Kohls

SoWa holiday market.

On Sunday I visited the SoWa Holiday Market for the first time. Although I’d heard good things I arrived with pretty low expectations. I’ve been to other holiday craft markets and was envisioning a collection of kind of chotchkie ornaments and snow globes. I have to say that I was SO pleasantly surprised by the quality of really everything at this market. I was actually overwhelmed by how many things I loved and wanted. I kept myself in check and only made two purchases but the damage could have been much worse. Here are just a sampling of the photos I took.


and then the food…
My two purchased items:
a screenprint on vintage newspaper by Nate Murrell
and some gourmet hot chocolate by Yummy Mummy Brownies.