bits of inspiration – #35.

Every year I look forward to these beautiful purple sensation alliums in Copley Square. I walk by this spot every morning and I’ve been watching the buds over the past week or so just waiting for them to burst. As of this week they’re finally in bloom!


bits of inspiration – #34.

How incredible is this modernist style house in Lincoln, MA?? Unfortunately it’s just a tinyyyyy bit out of my budget at $4,250,000…but a girl can dream. Check out more pictures on the property listing here.

Photo courtesy of LandVest Inc.

Photo courtesy of LandVest Inc.

Photo courtesy of LandVest Inc.

bits of inspiration – #31.

This week Mashable published a series of photos of pre-fame Audrey Hepburn from a photo-shoot she did in London’s Kew Gardens in 1950. Even at 21, before her acting career had taken off, Hepburn conveys so much joy and humor through these images.

As I was looking at these I was reminded of some photographs of my grandmother that I saw for the first time last fall as I was helping my aunt to create a family photo album. I’m not sure exactly when and where the photos of my grandmother were taken but I would guess she was about the same age as Audrey here and the photos also seem to have been taken in a park. You can see more images from the photo shoot on Mashable. I’ve also included a couple of my grandmother’s photos below.

Audrey In The Park
Actress Audrey Hepburn (1929 – 1993) relaxes in Kew Gardens after a strenuous season in the London revue ‘Sauce Piquante’, 13th May 1950. Picture Post – 5035 – We Take A Girl To Look For Spring – pub. 1950 (Photo by Bert Hardy/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


bits of inspiration – #30.

Just saw the trailer for the upcoming Van Gogh biography film, Loving Vincent. This movie will be the first of its kind in that it is entirely painted animation. According to their website, the film’s creators have employed a team of 30 painters to paint scenes in oil paint, using the same style and techniques as Van Gogh himself. The project is still in production but this trailer has got me really looking forward to its release. Check it out below.

bits of inspiration – #29.

Today marks the start of the Take a Seat exhibit’s installment at the Boston Design Center. Supported by the International Furnishings and Design Association, this annual exhibit asks local designers to transform vintage chairs in imaginative ways. Following the show, the refurbished chairs are sold at an auction benefitting the Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development. The chairs will be displayed in multiple locations in Boston throughout the month of May. Definitely making a point to go visit these soon!

I’M IN THE BOOK’ BY THIS WAY HOME, photo by Elaine Fredrick